Environmental Monitoring

Stack Monitoring

Air Emission Monitoring on Stacks / Chimney as stated in Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations 1978. We can perform the sampling using isokinetic and non – isokinetic methods as per client’s requirement. We can also conduct Dark Smoke Observation test on the stack emission. 

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Monitoring of Environmental air is required to evaluate air quality of a particular site or region. Such measurements must be carried out at carefully selected locations using precise and calibrated samplers and monitors. Monitoring will be carried our as per Malaysian Recommended Air Quality Guidelines (MRAQG).

Environmental Noise Monitoring

Environmental Quality Act 1974, Part IV, Prohibition and control of pollution, Regulation 23, Restrictions on Noise Pollutions had provided guidelines for the noise level at respective areas depending on their location classifications. Envosha are experts in catering Environmental Noise Monitoring as per requirement and needs.

Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment

Water pollution is a common pollution everywhere in the world. We provide complete range of services in water quality monitoring such as final discharge assessment, sewerage discharge analysis, surface water assessment, ground water and soil survey and many more. Envosha provides services from strategizing, sampling, analysis and interpretation of results depending to client’s needs.


OSHA Assessment and Monitoring

Chemical Health Risk Assessment

Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA) is cornerstone on which compliance with the Use and Standard of Exposure of Chemicals Hazardous to Health (USECHH) Regulations 2000. Based on USECHH Regulations 2000, employer should conduct Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA) for all the chemicals which are hazardous to health. Our Competent CHRA Assessors are registered under Department of Occupational Safety and Health and experienced for more than 10 years in this industry.

Chemical Exposure Monitoring

Employees can be exposed to chemical agents through three main routes: skin contact; ingestion; and inhalation. While exposures by skin absorption and ingestion are relatively easily recognised and controlled, the evaluation of inhalation hazards is more complex. Chemical exposure monitoring (of airborne vapours or particles of hazardous chemicals) will be required to confirm whether specific hazardous chemicals are present and to determine if the concentration presents a health risk to employees. This activity had been clearly stated in the USECHH Regulations 2000. Envosha’s Registered Hygiene Technician I are very well experienced in exposure sampling and analytical works.

Local Exhaust Ventilation System Assessment

According to USECHH Reg. 2000, Part V, under clause “Action to Control Exposure” stated a control measure by Application of Engineering Control Equipment required to maintained, thoroughly examined and tested at regular intervals in order to control exposure adequately. To fulfill this regulation and the interest of maintaining the LEV system at peak operation at all time, we offer inspection, testing and examination of local exhaust ventilation system using American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) Standards. As per the law this monitoring will be carried out by our Competent Hygiene Technician II.

Noise Exposure Monitoring

Occupational noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common occupational hazards. The Factories and Machineries (Noise Exposure) Regulations, 1989 had regulated the activity in monitoring and control of noise in order to reduce the noise hazard to the workers. Envosha offers complete range of Noise exposure monitoring from Noise source measurement, noise mapping and daily noise dose measurement. As per the requirement, the noise monitoring will be carried out by DOSH Registered Noise Competent Person.


Consultancy Services

    1. Submission and obtaining Written Approvals for factory, chimneys, waste water treatment plant related to Department of Environment’s legal requirements.
    2. Environmental Impact Assessment.
    3. Environmental Management Plan.
    4. Submission and obtaining Certificate of Fitness for general machine, boilers, pressure vessels, lifting machine from Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).
    5. OSH Management Plan.
    6. Accident Investigations.
    7. Hazard Identification Risk Assessment and Determining Control (HIRADC).
    8. Environmental Safety and Health Audit.
Training & Certifications
    1. Occupational Safety and Health training programs and campaigns.
    2. Environmental training programs and campaigns.
    3. ISO 14001 EMS related training programs.
    4. OHSAS 18001 related training programs.
    5. Other customized training program related to HSE and needs of the client.


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